A web-mapping service for the operational monitoring of droughts and the assessment of their impacts.
Technology validated in relevant environment.
Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so they can be tested in a simulated environment. Examples include “high-fidelity” laboratory integration of components.
The prototype has been successfully designed and formulated, and data processing algorithms and communication functionalities (web-mapping and generation PDF bulletins) have been successfully integrated and tested in a desktop environment. At the present, a beta-version of the tool is available throughout www.infosequia.es.

How does it work?

infoSequia provides weekly information on the drought conditions of a region through simple and interactive web-mapping functionalities. The IT system is integrated by a set of connected-cascade task-specific algorithms able to automatically collect satellite data from the cloud, process and generate state-impact drought indices and portable (.pdf) bulletins, and feed a web-mapping app from which all the information can be interactively queried and downloaded. The threshold setting-up and validation of the system for each region of interest is reached combining expert knowledge and auxiliary impact assessments and datasets. Different technical solutions (basic- or advanced tool versions) or deployment options (open-standard or restricted-authenticated) can be purchased by customers.