The Hydroactive Smart Roof System : HYDROVENTIV

Modular trays device for retaining and dissipating rain water on roof, with outflow control delayed, piloted by a remote system control for optimizing water resource.
Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing).
The solution is used successfully in a structurally operational environment. The user can and wants to recommend the solution to others.
The basic system has just been validated on experimental sites in France on experimental sites after 1 year of real-time measurement (Hydric characterisation) and analysis program. Some real projects has been installed and are still monitored with integrated control system.

How does it work?

Overlaid plastic trays assembled on roof capture and store rainfalls, regulate the outflow slowly to sewer and dissipate water by evapotranspiration of plants through capillarity wicks, sucked from the reservoir tray.