Access to sustainable water by unlimited resources

John. F Kennedy said: ”If we could produce fresh water from salt water at a low cost, that would indeed be a great service to humanity, and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishment.” Now, we can do it sustainable.
Technology demonstrated in relevant environment.
Representative model or prototype system, which is well beyond that of TRL 5, is tested in a relevant environment. Represents a major step up in a technology’s demonstrated readiness. Examples include testing a prototype in a high-fidelity laboratory environment or in a simulated operational environment.
Prototype system developed in relevant environment. Demonstration in operational environment is next step.

How does it work?

Desalination is energy intensive, leading to high expenses. We enable affordable water by efficient desalination powered by renewable energy sources. We developed the world’s first solar-powered reverse osmosis without batteries. It works 24 hours a day. Our off-grid reverse osmosis technology directly uses solar, wind or wave energy and gravity to operate the reverse osmosis using an elevated saltwater buffer. To enjoy independent clean water at any location, we developed a solar-powered desalination unit using batteries. Combined state-of-the-art PV & battery technology allows efficient reverse osmosis, while minimizing size. The batteries used require no maintenance, are suitable for warm climates and enjoy a long lifetime.