Hydroeconomic DSS tools for drought management

A hydroeconomic DSS tool able to solve both simulation and optimization problems. It requires as input the physical and economic components of the system. The simulation module allocates water resources following a given operating policy implemented through two techniques: priority-based allocation or fuzzy-rule-based-system allocation. The optimization module finds out optimal decisions to maximice the economic benefits during water shortage events. It implements both determinsitic and stochastic approaches, as well as groundwater and stream-aquifer interaction techniques
ProSystem prototype demonstration in operational environment.
Prototype near or at planned operational system. Represents a major step up from TRL 6 by requiring demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment.
It has been tested in the Jucar water basin in the framework of several PhD research projects, and the support of experts of the River Basin Authority (RBA)

How does it work?

Our IT technology is a software toolbox that provides a valuable solution for drought risk management through the integration and combination of hydroeconomic models (with economic characterization of water values at the main uses) and inflow forescasting algorithms.

September, 2017