The app "My Water Level" automatically warns anyone who wants to be notified of low or high water levels. The app can be downloaded to smart phones and tablets. The current version of the app contains data about the water levels in the Dutch branches of the river Rhine and Meuse and along the Dutch coast. Users can select locations and set the water levels (s)he wants to receive an automatic notification for. The app sends a push message in case a predefined water level is expected to be exceeded within the next two days.
Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing).
The solution is used successfully in a structurally operational environment. The user can and wants to recommend the solution to others.
The app has been succesfully tested in-house for (extreme) water levels in the Netherlands. The free and pro versions of My Water Level are available in the app stores.

How does it work?

The app shows the present water level and the hourly forecast for the next two days of one hundred locations along the great rivers and coasts in the Netherlands, using measurements and forecasts from the Dutch authority Rijkswaterstaat. Users can select locations, water levels and uncertainty levels for which they want to receive a notification. In the free version of the app information is provided for five locations. In the pro version (2,99 Euro) access is provided to all one hundred locations. An incompany version of the app is also easily available in the Netherlands or abroad, where the app is based on own (local) water level measurements and forecasts.