* a digitized standardized workflow for assessing climate risks and appraise adaptation scenarios basing on climate- and location data at the site of the respective infrastructure project and
* a marketplace to match projects with relevant localized data, experts for in-depth and specific counsel and to find projects (already realized or in planning) comparable in terms of hazard profile, elements at risk and type of project in order to share and transfer knowledge.

Technology validated in lab.
Basic technological components are integrated to establish that they will work together. This is relatively “low fidelity” compared with the eventual system. Examples include integration of “ad hoc” hardware in the laboratory.
The newly designed workflow is under implementation in four European demo locations (featuring as labs); as end users from municipalities and industry were involved in user story development as well as are validating the results one may presume the path to "relevant environment" (TRL5). The entire innovation in all elements builds on results from former research projects for climate- and disaster risk modeling and methodology (e.g. for urban climate, "hazard twins“ feature), which provide TRLs from 3 to 7. Programming and implementing each module of the digitized workflow is under development (agile approach); mock-ups are the basis for end user input and feedback and may actually be estimated as TRL3 - experimental proof of concept.

How does it work?

Access is provided by web services. End users gather relevant information on their project in a structured, comprehensive way and are guided through the process by the digitized workflow.
First action is marking a project´s location on a map. An overview of "data packages" for the selected location is provided - besides climate data in several resolutions these may be land use, topography, census data etc.
At the end of the screening process a report summarizes hazards, risk, impact and adaptation options and the end user can decide to connect with experts for working on most critical risks. The marketplace provides a connection appropriate for the type of project, detected hazards, additional required data in better resolution etc.

August, 2018