The Portable Natural Biological System (P-NBS) is the modular and mobile solution developed by AYALA Water & Ecology (Israel) for its energy-free sewage treatment technology The Natural Biological System (NBS™). The system is based on portable units design according to international dimensions of sea containers that can be transported by trucks.
System complete and qualified.
Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions. In almost all cases, this TRL represents the end of true system development. Examples include developmental test and evaluation (DT&E) of the system in its intended weapon system to determine if it meets design specifications.
Testing plan completed
The testing plan and the BRIGAID’s Testing Innovation Framework (TIF) has been rightly applied and finished. The TRL of the innovation has been effectively reached.
We have constructed and tested the Portable-NBS at our experimental farm in Zippori (Israel) using municipal sewage that we purchase from the regional WWTP. All sewage is supplied raw and treat it onsite according to strict Israeli regulations using established electricity-free NBS technology for over 27 years. The Portable-NBS produced treated sewage at a production rate of 12 m3/day, which is the flow regime stated for unrestricted irrigation.

How does it work?

The P-NBS Is an engineered ecological system that allows natural physical, chemical and biological processes to occur all at the same time thanks to the existence of: a) Chemical-aggregates with natural or engineered minerals and active surfaces, b) Physical-gradient of substrate sizes, surface textures and porosity, and c) Biological-specialized plants and additives able to support a healthy microbiome which promotes contaminant degradation, sequestration and volatilization.

May, 2019
WP3 leader: Link to video included. From Mobile-NBS to Portable-NBS.
August, 2019
Upgraded up to TRL8 by WP3 leader