Paint your city green!

Pre-fabricated plant pit realised with 4 hollow concrete curbstones, which can buffer net 200 litres of water (more than 800 litres in combination with good topsoil). This water will be slowly released around the rootball and into the surrounding soil. Unique design of the curbstone permits and encourage the roots to develop outside the plant pit. The plant pit will support rootball and tree, and provide oxygen to the roots.
Invention begins.
Once basic principles are observed, practical applications can be invented. Applications are speculative, and there may be no proof or detailed analysis to support the assumptions. Examples are limited to analytic studies.
Moulds are under construction in order to produce parts which can be used for further tests in different conditions.

How does it work?

Water provided either by tanker, roofdrain, rainbuffer or wadi will be led to thollow chambers in the plant pit construction. There it will be slowly released to the rootball area and the surrounding zone. The self-supporting structure can also beiing used to anchor rootball and trunk. The design of the plant pit allows and encourages roots to expand from the plant pit to the surrounding area. Small tubes will bring oxygen to the rootzone boosting soil life and stimulating root development.