Disaster Mitigation & Response Information System

Our proposed innovative solution is an approach which relies on the collaboration between Geographic Information Systems based on Esri Technology and real-time information sharing sensors. This approach helps all the relevant agencies and institutes playing a role in every disaster phase from planning phase or preparedness, mitigation, management, damage estimation and control and also recovery from damage, closing the chain of all the phases in a disaster situation.
Technology validated in relevant environment.
Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so they can be tested in a simulated environment. Examples include “high-fidelity” laboratory integration of components.
The proposed innovative solution is composed of already made, of-the-shelf, ready to be used, Industry Standard technology components such as proven commercial software and hardware as well as professional IT services to implement and configure them together in order to achieve the desired functionalities. Such solution benefits also from the proven and positive experience of past implementations in countries such as the USA, at county, state and federal level, thus providing an excellent integrated multi-tenant information platform.

How does it work?

This innovation combines the Esri Technology Platform with real-time sensor data gathering insights for all the BRIGAID thematic disasters. All of these are connected into one single platform which is then spread throughout all the organizations dealing with planning, mitigation, damage estimation, recovery and field visits. A central platform where all the data from sensors and field measurements are stored and can be accessed by all the actors involved during a disaster event.