Irriframe-Acquacampus processes several layers of information related to the irrigation network, irrigation demands, water resources availability and operating conditions of the system. Basing on the virtual knowledge of the network Irriframe-Acquacampus suggests innovative technologies for reducing leakages. Irriframe-Acquacampus is a service to water managers, to build new knowledge and to plan renewal action of existing networks to cope with increasing risk of drought.
Invention begins.
Once basic principles are observed, practical applications can be invented. Applications are speculative, and there may be no proof or detailed analysis to support the assumptions. Examples are limited to analytic studies.
Selected for Testing
Selected for Testing: This innovation has been selected by BRIGAID because of its promising value for reducing the risks or the impacts of extreme hydro-climatological events. After a rigorous assessment, BRIGAID has positively approved the innovator’s testing plan, and decided to provide ongoing support for the testing activities.
Required information as been collected about products available on the market to maximize irrigation network efficiency and data requirements for building the IT-tool. Some market products were already tested in the field. The main open question is related to setting up an efficient system to merge information from the market and specific network behaviours.

How does it work?

Irriframe-Acquacampus is a service to water managers to maximize the efficiency of irrigation networks. It processes information from a specific irrigation system to suggest innovative solutions to save water.