Neptune Solutions Modular Flood Barrier System

The modular barrier system can be deployed to stop flood water, and can be laid in different shapes and geometries to build holding tanks. It is available in different heights: 1.0-1.5m, 1.5-2.0m, 2.0-3.0m, 3.0-4.5m. The barrier can be deployed manually with minimum or small machineries. The small barriers (1.0-2.5m) can take 20 minutes, and the large barrier about 3hr, if the screw piles are already installed. Small or medium sizes lifting machineries are required to ease the lifting.
Technology demonstrated in relevant environment.
Representative model or prototype system, which is well beyond that of TRL 5, is tested in a relevant environment. Represents a major step up in a technology’s demonstrated readiness. Examples include testing a prototype in a high-fidelity laboratory environment or in a simulated operational environment.
The system has been tested in a specially built/bespoke site. It passed all the theoretical and experimental tests. Also see

How does it work?

Neptune Solutions system is a modular structure, made from box section and bars. It is fixed on screw piles which are impeded into the ground. The structure has panels which act as a wall. The screw piles are fixed to the ground by either using manual tool, for the small barrier, or small driving machine, for the medium and large barriers. The depth of the piles depend on the ground conditions/layers, the nature of the application, and what size of barrier is used. The screw piles can be between 1.0m to 3.0m. The screw piles can be installed on any surface ground. A training has been developed with all the required documents and can be provided.