Flip-Flap cofferdam

Flip-Flap Cofferdam is designed to prevent floods in urban areas. It can be used as boardwalk (walkway) around the clock. When flood emergency arises it is raised in vertical position and locked into the concrete gutter. In this position it acts just like a regular flood protection wall. Material is PVC sheet piles.
Technology validated in lab.
Basic technological components are integrated to establish that they will work together. This is relatively “low fidelity” compared with the eventual system. Examples include integration of “ad hoc” hardware in the laboratory.
Prototype will undergo testing in Flood Proof Romania in 2017-2018.

How does it work?

When flood warning is in effect, a team of maximum four people will go to the site with minimum tools (wrenches). They will take out the PVC panels that lay horizontally and mount them vertically in the foundation gutter. After the wall is in vertical position there will be, at certain distance, galvanized steel pipes fasten to the steel infrastructure in the gutter. On top of the wall there will be mounted "U" shaped profiles that will be fasten, by thread, to the pipes, sealing the bottom of the wall to the base of the gutter through a rubber gasket that is laid there.