The app is available per EU country in the app stores. For each country there is a basic app containing the flood depths with an estimated return period of 10 years, based on the IPCC climate predictions for the period 1971-2000. A series of pro apps also contain data for longer return periods (30, 100, 300, 1000 years) and future climate projections (2050, 2100). The Pan-European flood maps were prepared within project “Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Networks in response to extreme weather” (RAIN).
Technology demonstrated in relevant environment.
Representative model or prototype system, which is well beyond that of TRL 5, is tested in a relevant environment. Represents a major step up in a technology’s demonstrated readiness. Examples include testing a prototype in a high-fidelity laboratory environment or in a simulated operational environment.
The apps are launched in the summer of 2017. The software is already completely tested and reliable, as the app is based on the existing Dutch equivalent OverstroomIk? Improvements or updates are based on user experiences and feedback, e.g. with regard to language and functionality. HKV invites national, regional and local authorities in the EU to validate the data against local data sets.

How does it work?

EU citizens with smart phones can download the app from the Android or Apple stores. The app contains a map showing the exposed areas. By ticking a location (e.g., your home) the app provides the estimated flood depth for a given return period. In the pro app users can view flood depths for different combinations of return periods and climate projections using a filtering menu.