Really cooling water bodies in cities

We provide design professionals involved in the design of cities with prototypes of water bodies and their environment that actually do cool the cities.
Technology validated in lab.
Basic technological components are integrated to establish that they will work together. This is relatively “low fidelity” compared with the eventual system. Examples include integration of “ad hoc” hardware in the laboratory.
The innovation represents spatial prototypes / design recommendations and they will always have to be adapted to a site-specific context. They can thus not be marked as a normal product. The prototypes are tested against all relevant criteria (cooling, water retention, usability/ functionality, health aspects and aesthetics).

How does it work?

Urban designers, landscape architects, architects and civil engineers will apply the design prototypes in making new waterbodies and refurbishing existing waterbodies. We expect that the water bodies in the city that are based on our prototypes will have a larger cooling effect on the urban environment than most current water bodies.