PrHo is a software for the estimation of greenhouse-grown crop water requirements and actual evapotranspiration based on the FAO model
ProSystem prototype demonstration in operational environment.
Prototype near or at planned operational system. Represents a major step up from TRL 6 by requiring demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment.
The software has been tested and validated in greenhouses experiments for the most typical crop growing cycles in the Almeria province (SE Spain).

How does it work?

PrHo quantifies crop water requirements based on two sub-models: a) a reference evapotranspiration (ETo) sub-model, and b) a crop coefficients (Kc) sub-model. The ETo sub-model computes greenhouse ETo values using outside solar radiation estimates retrieved from a radiation model previously calibrated for local conditions. Outputs from this sub-model make possible to adjust the irrigation scheme to particular crop conditions, such as white washing. The Kc sub-model computes the temporal dynamics of Kc values along the growing period, from the sowing/planting to the effective full cover stages. as a function of thermal time retrieved from greenhouse air temperature measurements.