Albania Alert -EWS-

Albania Alert (EWS) is an APP for the dissemination of warnings in the Albanian territory. Inputs to the APP are collected from the NCFMNR. This APP, which can be installed smartphones with a GPS system, is able to provide risk warnings where the user is located. The APP retrieves the detailed descriptions provided by the National Center, and can also include more details for specific areas inside the prefectures and additional advices for inhabitants or travelers.
Technology validated in lab.
Basic technological components are integrated to establish that they will work together. This is relatively “low fidelity” compared with the eventual system. Examples include integration of “ad hoc” hardware in the laboratory.
From a technological point of view, there are no limitations for the application of this innovation. The connection between the different components has been proven with other similar applications that could work together.

How does it work?

Every day the Albanian National Center for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks publishes a bulletin at 12:00, describing the natural hazards. The warning messages disseminated with the APP can help to prevent or reduce human and socio-economic impacts/damages due to disasters. Dissemination of the information in time and in the correct place is the core of the EWS in Albania. Creation of a mobile APP for the dissemination of these warnings would provide much more information. This APP installed in smartphones will divide the Albanian territory in 12 areas (prefecture levels). Based on the the location of the user (GPS), the APP informs about the status of the natural risks that are affecting this area/location.