The NOAQ Tubewall is a mobile freestanding flood barrier, intended for temporary use to protect buildings and other objects from flood water. It consists of air inflated tubes that are interconnected to form a protective chain - a tubewall. It is self-anchored, as it is automatically stabilized by the weight of the flood water itself.
Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing).
The solution is used successfully in a structurally operational environment. The user can and wants to recommend the solution to others.
The NOAQ Tubewall has been tested both outdoors and in a hydraulic laboratory. It has shown to be stable and has performed well. It has been available on the market for more than 15 years and has been used successfully to save property in real floods in different countries.

How does it work?

The tubewall sections, the "tubes", have a skirt fused along the flood side of it. This is pressed against the ground by the flood water, hereby anchoring the device. A drainage layer on the underside leads leak water out to the intended dry side, hereby reducing water pressure underneath to a minimum, which is required to avoid any uplift forces on the skirt. The tubes are connected to one another, in any angle, with a separate joint cover.