Operational flood forecasting system including levee performance

This operational flood forecasting system takes real time levee performance into account. With this innovation a next step in the future of operational flood risk modelling- and crisis management will become available for areas behind levees which are in danger of flooding. In order to do this - two innovation steps are required:
ProSystem prototype demonstration in operational environment.
Prototype near or at planned operational system. Represents a major step up from TRL 6 by requiring demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment.
There are already two operational flood forecasting systems running daily in Taiwan and in Australia. DAM software (including D-GeoStability) has been proven in competative manufacturing and is a well developed and known software.

How does it work?

The end-user gets its personal viewer/dashboard in the cloud (secured by password) and is able to send warning messages if flood risk becomes too high. In this dashboard/viewer the end-user can see every new update, can look back at historical results and can take a look in the future (2hrs ahead). Besides, the professional user can see the background information, like the water levels, the precipitation, the actual strength of the levees.

August, 2018