SLAMdam, a temporary flood defence is compact and easy to set up, It can be installed by 2 people in just 1 hour, spanning 100 metres in length and with a partition boundary of 50 cm. The elasticity of the SLAMdam means it can be installed on any surface. The material's high degree of flexibility ensures that bumps are easily covered. The SLAMdam's unique properties render it suitable for a wide array of target groups. Obvious examples include district water boards, fire service, armed forces and disaster specialists.
System complete and qualified.
Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions. In almost all cases, this TRL represents the end of true system development. Examples include developmental test and evaluation (DT&E) of the system in its intended weapon system to determine if it meets design specifications.
SLAMDAM® is available in several product models for a wide range of applications. SLAMDAM® is TÜV-certified in accordance with PAS 1188.

How does it work?

The SLAMDAM® excels in its simplicity. The highly stretchable EPDM material forms the basis for two connected compartments - by means of a specially developed membrane - that have to be filled with water simultaneously. This will create a very solid emergency dam. When water exerts external pressure on the SLAMDAM®, the compartment under stress is pushed 'slightly' upwards, whereupon the second compartment 'slots in', thereby ensuring the requisite counterpressure. This counteracts a lever-effect. Moreover, this will enable the SLAMDAM® to provide maximum resistance to pressure exerted by high water levels. A SLAMDAM® can be erected by two people, using good pumps. When every second counts : Roll out the SLAMDAM® - Position the SLAMDAM® with 2 cm of overlap - Fill the SLAMDAM® with water - Seal the caps - The water barrier is ready!